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We call this product “Tree to Home” – It gives you the beauty of solid hardwood flooring without the mess!

What is Tree to Home Flooring?

Tree to Home Flooring is flooring that is specialized, custom milled lumber to fit your personalization style or floor look. 

This unique and efficient flooring is created by using multiple species of lumber and hand cutting each version with the best quality. Each piece is hard stained and hand varnished. That’s important for quality (cosmetic and overall experience).

How does this compare to site finish hardwood flooring?

When you buy it unfinished, there’s a tremendous amount of work required which must be done in the home. Not only is installation more challenging, we also have to stain it inside the home causing toxins in the air for 1-3 days. Therefore, tree to home will save you a great deal of labor and mess in your home.


This Chester County Pennsylvania home had 3/4″ thick white oak character grade custom prefinished boards which were 5″ wide installed

Is this cost efficient?

While Tree to Home is a little more pricey, it is higher quality and cuts the labor time in half. Our prices are fair to moderate compared to other businesses in the area. We always produce high quality with dependable service giving you the best price for your service.

Is it really that much better than site finish?

Your floor will be absolutely flawless. The flooring boards run up to 12 feet and can be customized to any color. Superior Flooring is one of the only ones in the area offering this specialized flooring. In fact, our owner, Zac Mento is one of the originators of the idea and has been doing it for a year and has completed the flooring in over 25 homes.


We installed 5″ wide 3/4″ white oak character grade hardwood flooring with a custom stain color at a home in Downingtown PA

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