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Luxury Vinyl Planks

Look out world! The new and improved trending flooring product is none other than vinyl – yeah, that’s right, the stuff that made the 70’s fantastic. Vinyl has made some major upgrades and transformed throughout the years into the durable and reliable product that it is today. 

What is it and why do I keep hearing about it? 

Vinyl is able to mimic those styles of wood planks, ceramic and even stone which provide you a variety of styles, patterns and depth.  This option of flooring has become extremely popular and seen frequently on home improvement shows because of its durability and cost effectiveness. Best known to be ‘family friendly’, luxury vinyl planks can withstand high foot traffic, spills, and scratches – even pet nails cannot damage these floors. It’s 100% waterproof, UV protected to not fade, and you can still achieve that beautiful and natural look in your flooring needs.

I have heard it works for uneven surfaces, is that true? 

This may be the best feature of Luxury Vinyl Planks! This product can lay over any uneven surface to help you create that updated and sophisticated look of a remodel even on an older home. We see this used on uneven surfaces caused by settled foundations or floorboards as well as in basements or ground levels with uneven concrete surfaces. 

Many factors go into making a great flooring product like luxury vinyl planks. Due to its durability, component make-up, achieving a realistic look at affordable price points and having some of the highest levels of wear in the industry we showcase many of the best in the industry. 

Check out some of the brands that we carry at Superior Custom Flooring: 


Eastern Flooring Product

Fusion Floors

Earth Werks


With this new technology changing the flooring game, our experts stay up to date on all the trends and will work with you to pick the best options to make your proud of your home. 

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