Custom Prefinished Solid Hardwood Flooring

We call this product "Tree to Home" - It gives you the beauty of solid hardwood flooring without the mess!

What is Tree to Home Flooring?

Tree to Home Flooring is flooring that is specialized, custom milled lumber to fit your personalization style or floor look. 

This unique and efficient flooring is created by using multiple species of lumber and hand cutting each version with the best quality. Each piece is hard stained and hand varnished. That's important for quality (cosmetic and overall experience).

How does this compare to site finish hardwood flooring?

When you buy it unfinished, there’s a tremendous amount of work required which must be done in the home. Not only is installation more challenging, we also have to stain it inside the home causing toxins in the air for 1-3 days. Therefore, tree to home will save you a great deal of labor and mess in your home.

Why would you want it?

If your hardwood floors are starting to be sun faded, scratched, or damaged, bring them back to brand new life with Sand to Finish.

Superior Flooring has 4 certified professional sanding crews that all have over 15 years certification in historical restoration. Our crews take pride in utter detail to achieve the maximum results possible.

We have developed methods to take out groves that take out dirt making it shine unlike any other flooring. Many of our customers have come to us with their flooring that did not stand the test of time and when we left it looked brand new. 

Will it be messy?

We take pride in how we treat your home. We go the extra mile to move furniture, cover cabinets, cover air returns and registers, and of course, clean up afterward. We offer cleaning services after (if needed) and will work with the customer to make sure their needs are met. 

Is it guaranteed?

Yes, all of our work is guaranteed for 2 years. Our name is Superior and that’s the quality our customers have come to expect.