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We call this product "Tree to Home" - It gives you the beauty of solid hardwood flooring without the mess!

What is Tree to Home Flooring?

Tree to Home Flooring is flooring that is specialized, custom milled lumber to fit your personalization style or floor look. 

This unique and efficient flooring is created by using multiple species of lumber and hand cutting each version with the best quality. Each piece is hard stained and hand varnished. That's important for quality (cosmetic and overall experience).

Hardwood Flooring Contractor

A product that simply does not go out of style! Looking to add value, sophistication, and durability to your home? The classic look of hardwood floors allows you limitless possibilities with the design of your home.

We supply and install all leading styles and brands of solid and engineered hardwood. Many people are under the impression that engineered hardwoods are not real hardwood, our team is here to walk you through the process and let you know that it is! Engineered hardwood has a solid wood face while allowing you layers of composite that are more suitable for areas that are prone to moisture. Using an engineered hardwood allows you to keep the design of your floors seamless throughout your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Look out world! The new and improved trending flooring product is none other than vinyl - yeah, that’s right, the stuff that made the 70’s fantastic. Vinyl has made some major upgrades and transformed throughout the years into the durable and reliable product that it is today. 

What is it and why do I keep hearing about it? 

Vinyl is able to mimic those styles of wood planks, ceramic and even stone which provide you a variety of styles, patterns and depth.  This option of flooring has become extremely popular and seen frequently on home improvement shows because of its durability and cost effectiveness. Best known to be ‘family friendly’, luxury vinyl planks can withstand high foot traffic, spills, and scratches - even pet nails cannot damage these floors. It’s 100% waterproof, UV protected to not fade, and you can still achieve that beautiful and natural look in your flooring needs.

Tile Installation

With the perfect mix of durability and style, tile is that timeless classic. Tile is one of the most versatile products because it can be used in many different areas in your home. The spectrum of design can range from traditional to contemporary.  Use it to create clean and simple lines or to make a statement and establish character. 

It’s highly recommended that tile be used in areas of your home that require defense against water and moisture. Because of the advancements in tile design, that no longer has to be just in your entryways and bathrooms. Tile is becoming more and more commonly used in other areas of your home such as hallways, laundry rooms and even kitchen and living rooms because of its ability to mock textures such as brick and wood.   

Sand and Refinish Hardwood Flooring

Why would you want it?

If your hardwood floors are starting to be sun faded, scratched, or damaged, bring them back to brand new life with Sand to Finish.

Superior Flooring has 4 certified professional sanding crews that all have over 15 years certification in historical restoration. Our crews take pride in utter detail to achieve the maximum results possible.

We have developed methods to take out groves that take out dirt making it shine unlike any other flooring. Many of our customers have come to us with their flooring that did not stand the test of time and when we left it looked brand new. 

Carpet Installation

Talk about options, options, options! Carpet is still one of the best products to help bring your home comfort and style. With so many advancements in manufacturing, you can select a product that fits your needs in terms of colors, fibers, and textures with many of these products now being stain and wear resistant.