When Snow & Salt Hit Your Hardwood Floors

When Snow & Salt Hit Your Hardwood Floors

It's snow season here on the East Coast. With snow and ice comes white boot tracks, salt fragments and, if you have animals, random paw prints on your floors. Tracks and salt, do they affect your floors? YES. Here are some tips to preserve your beautiful floors during the winter snow and salt.

Take Your Shoes Off

At the door. Take em' off. Salt can cause irreparable floor damage, especially to hardwood floors. This rule also helps keep germs off your floors.

Doormats & Rugs are your Best Friends

Keeping a rug at each door-both inside and outside-to your house will help catch salt, dirt, and snow. Avoid rubber-backed or non-ventilated rugs, as they can damage hardwood floors.

Clean Up Melted Snow and Salt Before it Dries

Keep towels or paper towels on hand at all entrances of your house to ensure quick and easy cleanup of snow and salt tracked in from your pets and kids. If salt dries on your floor, a little warm vinegar-water mixture-three parts water to one part vinegar-and a soft mop or towel will dissolve the salt and clean the floor without harming the finish.

Use a Humidifier

Use a humidifier during the winter to keep your hardwood temperature stabilized. This will help preserve the hardwood long term. Be sure to keep the area around your humidifier dry from standing water.

Sweep these areas daily

The goal is to keep as much dirt and salt off the floor as possible, so always have a dustpan and broom on hand to clean up small areas quickly. Rock salt is hard. These little gems can scratch hardwood surfaces easily.

Take care of this investment. And as always, give us a call if we can help.